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Hubbard placed an infinite degree of worth around the symbols contained in “the R6 lender” — this series of “implants” installed in Absolutely everyone on earth 75 million several years in the past. In this article he is conversing about this matter, again in 1968:

I didn’t state that. What I did say was the electro-shock e-meter Sarge developed was not a suicide machine. Every person’s body ultimately dies, in spite of how enlightened one particular is or isn’t.

There's spirituality in Scientology. Whenever any individual is honest and wanting to master and ready to glance: There's spiritual obtain.

The Church of Scientology has long been a controversial establishment among the both of those the religious Local community and leisure enterprise. But the newest documentary from Oscar-successful director Alex Gibney, "Likely Clear: Scientology as well as the Prison of Belief," explores the secrets on the Corporation via interviews with former higher-rating officers and previous customers in a method in no way found prior to.

But all of this is simply the precursor to the bombs that are dropped by Hubbard over the OT levels. This is where the REAL revelation about how other religions must be viewed is laid down as the regulation of scientology. The secret materials of OT III depart without doubt.

But that's not REALLY why scientology employs a cross. If it absolutely was intended to depict the 8 dynamics It might be an 8 pointed STAR with all arms equal. No dynamic is regarded as being additional essential as opposed to Other individuals, yet the “scientology cross” doesn't have them equivalent in duration.

I wish you perfectly penny. Just maintain asking concerns. Don’t let everyone say inquiring queries or being curious is being an SP.

Wow!! This was very informative. I have been questioning about how or if God suits into Scientology. I can’t believe how easy it can be for them to simply dismiss the considered there being a God simply because they are simply just instructed to. Certainly really unhappy that folks have been so easily sucked in the Scientology cult.

Don’t necessarily mean to become impolite but when was the final time you noticed or scientology beliefs creation frequented your family/friends who're not into Scientology? And when any individual of one's fellow pals within this religion was to depart, would you still check with them as mates and even chat with them after? Jus asking….

Mike, we just want in order to believe in what we wish to believe. Is there one thing wrong with that?

For the number of superior weeks there, the religion was just getting scientology burial beliefs a great deal of shade. But in the entire process of doing a little analysis on it, I discovered that lots of distinguished black celebs are associates or have taken courses to have them through hard periods. Allow me to share just some…

I applaud and thank you for taking this type of courageous stand. We should always place up a billboard or something, ya know?

As far as destroying people, I’d say Scientology is tame in comparison with the major religions in the world. At the least, I can’t remember any wars fought within the title of Scientology.

We are heading within our Culture, inside scientology beliefs drugs our culture inside our world to a far more inclusive, tolerant and accepting nature.

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